Borderline Hot Rod Wheels Brands

Borderline provide Hot Rod Wheels from our American Made brands below! Click on the Brand to learn more about them!!!


 Wheelsmith is a family run company that specialise in made-to-order Hot Rod Wheels, Classic Wire Wheels, Steel Wheels and Custom Aluminium wheels, manufactured in their 20,000 square foot facility in Corona, California. Their broad range include 2-piece Steel Wheels, such as: Smoothies, Rallye style, Artillery style, OEM style, and Vintage, Cadillac Wire Wheels, Ford Wire Wheels, T-bird Wire Wheels and Cast or Billet Aluminium Wheels.

American Racing Custom Wheels

The technology and innovation that have pushed American Racing to continually develop new and exciting products continue to this day. Magnesium wheels, which were cutting edge technology in their day, have given way to forged aluminium wheels. Stronger and lighter than cast alternatives, the American Racing Forged line is 100% made in the USA.

Cragar Wheels

Cragar Wheels are a tradition of style, performance, quality and development, all of which have led to expansions and development in wheel design and manufacture. Cragar focus on keeping the legacy alive by honouring the traditional, vintage Cragar wheels, style and performance that the Hot Rod and Vintage/Classic car owners have enjoyed for fifty years.

American Rebel Manufacturing

American Made Wheels for today's Hot Rod enthusiast. American Rebel Wheels are classically styled wheels designed and built with the highest standards and quality you have come to expect from American Made products. Built for the true American (and Australian) Hot Rodder. Our proven high quality machined parts, combined with sources for plating, heat treating, and special processes enable American Rebel Mfg. to deliver parts finished to your specification.

Coys Equipped

Since 1977 Coys Wheel has been a leading retailer of Custom Wheels, specialising in fine Quality Wheels. With over 40 years of retail experience and their very own Coys Equipped wheel line, they have merged the two together to create one of the most competitive range of Classic wheels in the world!

Rocket Racing Wheels

Borderline are an Authorised Australian Distributor for Rocket Racing Wheels. Their wheels fuse nostalgia theme and modern design, to produce their beautiful Hot Rod Wheels. Rocket Racing Wheels are available in different finishes, fully polished, grey painted and as cast. Rocket also have a wide range of spinner or bullet caps.

U.S. Mags

U.S. Mags began their long running Custom Wheel tradition in the mid 1960’s. Using the latest technology, US Mags was proud to re-introduce the original five spoke “Standard” and kidney bean “Indy” design that originally fuelled the Custom Wheel market. Available in sizes ranging from 15” to 20”, you can enhance the appearance and value of your Hot Rod or Vintage ride, with the Original Wheel brand and Styles that were introduced, when your car was new.

Hot Rod Hanks

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